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A corporate video production company is generally responsible for converting a client brief into a script, and produce the video based on the agreed schedule and delivery date. The scale and duration of the production depend entirely upon the requirements and budget for the video. While some videos are made possible even by the smallest crew and essential equipment, some large scale corporate videos that have similar or often higher budgets than that of TV commercials, invite levels of production on par with those of broadcast television.

Corporate Video Production Process

The corporate video production process will frequently involve the following stages:
Pre-Production Stage – This is the planning phase, which includes scriptwriting and storyboarding. This phase also involves the budgeting for the whole process, between the corporate video production company and its client.
Video Production Stage – This is the main execution phase including the filming of the video. This phase brings in the various elements involved in the actual filming such as a camera crew, director, and also actors and presenters if there are any.
Post-Production Stage – This is the editing stage, where the filmed (live action) footage is pieced together. Any other form of editing such as audio voice-overs, visual effects, the addition of soundtracks, and/or animations takes place. This is the final stage of production, after which a completed product is handed over to the client.

Corporate Video Production Company Services for Youtube

Product Promotional Video – Need a new product promoted? We do it in a way that highlights the various selling points of your product, in a way that keeps their attention hooked.
60-90 Second Corporate Video – Customer Testimonial Video – Testimonials always work, because having someone else praise your brand speaks volumes about the quality of service you provide.
Corporate Recruitment Video – Videos have now become the favored method of showing a prospective employee just how ideal it is working for you. Be it a behind-the-scenes of your company’s process, or an insight into the benefits of working with you, a video makes your company more real for potential employees.
Company Profile Videos – One of the more common corporate videos, it tells your target audience about your company’s history, gives them an insight into your success, and tells them why you are the solution to their needs.
Brand Films – Brand films are used to showcase how you are different from other companies providing similar services. Light on the details, these videos tell your target audience who you are and what you do.
Fruitbowl Digital is the best digital marketing agency and media production company in Mumbai, India providing services like Social Media, PPC, SEO, Website Development, ORM, App Promotion & Branding.

Correct Anchor Text Distribution to Dominate Google – Fruitbowl Digital

In the SEOsphere, there are seo executives and then there are the “SEO Experts”. The seo executives know how to create backlinks, whereas the experts know how to build backlinks the correct and effective way to dominate Google.

In the SEOsphere, there are seo executives and then there are the “SEO Experts”.  The seo executives know how to create backlinks, whereas the experts know how to build backlinks the correct and effective way to dominate Google. Effective off-page does not mean spamming the internet with more of your website’s links. It involves distributing the anchor text naturally with a mixture of do-follow and no-follow backlinks, so as to avoid your website from getting penalized and helps you dominate the SERPs.

You might be wondering: How does Google decide if you are building backlinks unnaturally? Simple, it looks at your Anchor Text.

  1. You create a backlink.
  2. Google crawls and indexes your backlinks.
  3. Steps 1 and 2 are repeated and now you have a link profile.

This link profile is analyzed and compared to your on-page optimization. If your on-page is optimized for the keywords “Logo Design Company” and your link profile has 100% anchors for the target keywords, then your website will surely be hit by a penalty. A normal website will never have 100% exact match anchors.

This is why you need to distribute your anchor text correctly. We recommend the anchor text distribution percentage, shown in the infographic below, which has worked effectively for our clients:



Fruitbowl Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Agency in Mumbai providing quality SEO services to businesses making them appear first in the search engine results when the user searches for the brand. We aspire to bridge the gap between your brand and customers on the online community by optimizing your website to increase the visibility of your brand.

Email Marketing Services in Mumbai, India

Fruitbowl Digital provides email marketing services in Mumbai, India.

Here are some email marketing conversion tips all small businesses can use:

  1. Include descriptive tags with your images. 

Online publication Marketing Charts cites data revealing that the average person receives 400 commercial emails a month. Emails that include images can help your small business stand out in an already-crowded inbox, especially if you choose those that evoke an emotional response to a product, a promotional campaign concept or your brand. According to the experts at Sender Score, 28 percent of the email messages that are sent reach a user’s inbox. Email marketing companies in India allows you to reach a highly targeted audience at a low cost.

  1. Don’t send messages that aren’t targeted. 

While you may not have robust data on prospects, you can learn a little more about what they respond to with each message you send. Diligently track open and click-through rates with each campaign, including the optimal times to send messages based on response and headline tests.

  1. Don’t ask for too much. 

Segment your email marketing campaigns so that each recipient is served the most relevant offer based on his or her preferences, and that he or she is presented with one clear message, call to action and a seamless checkout experience — whether on a desktop or mobile device.

  1. Emails should form a lasting relationship. 

Email campaigns should build upon one another, and acknowledge what you know about the customer, based on his or her past activity. In fact, marketing firm Epsilon cites data indicating that “triggered” emails targeted based on a recipient’s engagement with past messages have open rates that are 76 percent higher than those with generic messaging. If you cannot convince your customers to click on your message, you can’t convert them, regardless of your pricing or product quality. Campaigns via Email Marketing Companies is an affordable way to communicate with prospects and customers, gain valuable insights about their preferences and increase sales. However, it requires strategy to convert message recipients into buyers. Follow these steps to improve the ROI you realize from every email you send.

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Poll or Not?

With the beginning of Facebook around 12 years gone, and in the wake of kicking Orkut into obscurity, began the brilliant period of online networking. From that point forward, numerous sparkly new social mediums have attempted and fallen yet Facebook has figured out how to manage itself in this flighty world.

With the capacity to focus of a human becoming much shorter than that of a goldfish, Facebook has figured out how to catch the consideration and intrigue both for over 10 years (that is more than the timeframe of realistic usability of a marriage :O). So how has Facebook figured out how to achieve such an accomplishment? Indeed, by presenting new upgrades at regular intervals and the present element of Facebook Live has increased gigantic impulse.

One of the most blazing patterns, the Live (Timeline) Poll has surprised online networking. Everything without exception can be up for vote – a decision between Messi or Ronaldo, Rachel and Ross or Monica and Chandler, Rakhi Sawant or Mallika Sherawat, in the wake of viewing Sasural Simar Ka, how might you want to end your life – weapon or toxic substance? This new component has figured out how to increase tremendous catalyst.

Since individuals everywhere throughout the world are going gaga over Live Poll, how about we investigate this present prevailing fashion. Here we’ll handle the three most essential question concerning Facebook Live Poll – What? How? Why?

What Is Facebook Live Poll?

From puppy or little cat to which Alia Bhatt’s execution is your top pick – Udta Punjab or Dear Zindagi,

Narendra Modi or Arvind Kejriwal,

Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger,

Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen,

WeeD VS BeeR,

everything is up for vote.

Truth be told the late American Presidential Election too was highlighted on Facebook Live Poll. Indeed, even after the races, the competitors are still the hot top choices of the Live Poll where surveying about Should Trump indict Hillary? What Trump ought to do with unlawful migrants in America? Do you bolster Trump on the off chance that he requires a capture of Soros?

The rundown is debilitating as evidently the clients have a great deal of extra time as do we since we’ve been tailing it.

How To Create Facebook Live Poll?

Not at all like most other Facebook redesigns and includes, this element is a slight bit precarious. Also, we’re here to help you manage this damn thing.

So here goes.

Download a free and full zip where which contains every one of the components expected to fabricate your own particular website page. To make it less demanding for mechanically hindered individuals here is a little help – download Live Reaction.

The following stride is to make your Facebook Access token and afterward set up your Facebook Live. The last stride is to distribute your Facebook Live and open it to the masses to begin surveying.

Presently with that outta the way. We proceed onward to the most vital question that has been tormenting our little goldfish minds for some time now.

Why Use Facebook Live Poll?

At first glance, it appears to be diverting to vote over insignificant matters, yet the enormous reaction and responses helps boosting the site hits and fame of that specific page. What’s more, since Facebook pushes live recordings higher in the Newsfeed, it is additionally favorable for boosting your page’s perceivability and produces more visits to your page.The business pages on Facebook can likewise make utilization of this open door by surveying, which would help them gage the buyer’s needs and inclinations.

All in all, we think one about the critical question to be incorporated ought to be – To survey or Not Poll? What’s your vote?

How about we make Harvey Dent glad, might we!!

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Viral Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2016

Advertisers have unquestionably flaunted their imagination this year. With the most excellent and noteworthy battles, you’re into take in a great deal.

Get yourself propelled through the 7 most astounding digital marketing campaigns in 2016.

1. Always #LikeAGirl

Like a young lady has dependably been around everlastingly and is utilized as a part of deprecatory ways.D&AD establishment (Agency) made an extraordinary showing with regards to by changing ‘Dependably’, a brand young ladies rely on for unrivaled insurance. #LikeAgirl battle created significant worldwide mindfulness. 85 million worldwide perspectives on YouTube from 150 and more nations… .you gotta be joking!

2. Under Armor, I Will What I Want

Engaging female competitors, whether they are playing soccer or whatever other game Under Armor propelled the biggest battle with a vibe decent advertisement highlighting a ballet dancer that became a web sensation and piled on 4 million perspectives in only one week. Expected to smash self-perception generalizations, Under Armor is without a doubt reinforcing ladies’ mental self potrait.

3. OPSM-Penny The Pirate

OPSM, the biggest retailer of eye glasses propelled ‘Penny The Pirate’ kids’ eye screening book. With an extraordinary rationale, it brought issues to light of youngsters crosswise over Australia. Creating a drawing in printed book and application to highlight vision issues in kids, ‘Penny the Pirate’ inventively joined conventional and computerized media. The crusade gathered more than 100 honors to date and has taken the title to be the best battle on the planet.

4. U.S. Naval force Project Architeuthis

Extend Architeuthis is the primary ever reality diversion that was actuated on the American Navy’s Cryptology and innovation Facebook page. The crusade was made to pull in the sort of psyches Navy Cryptology hoping to enlist, while additionally expanding social movement.

5. BuzzFeed-Tasty

BuzzFeed has amassed more than 60 million Facebook fans with its brisk, simple to-make mouth-watering formula recordings making their rounds on Facebook this year. BuzzFeed’s foodie-arranged battle came about into the dispatch of TastyJunior and Nifty. Their parchment halting recordings have made a monstrous perceivability for them.

6. L’Oreal Paris – #WorthSaying

The crusade #WorthSaying intended to motivate ladies to discuss things they accept are vital, whatever they may be. Established in the brand’s notorious slogan ‘Since You’re Worth It’, it rotated around the conviction that all ladies have something qualified to state. The crusade is as yet being discussed and the hashtag is still being used crosswise over media channels. Appears as though L’Oreal is on the commendable run!.

7. Honey Maid – This is Wholesome

Nectar Maid this year turned out with a battle that concentrated on separated, interracial and same-sex family issues. Slanted towards praising all American families it concentrates on indicating America who they truly are. With #NotBroken crusade, they got an over-whelming positive reaction with more than 12 million perspectives of all the substance since March. Great going Honey Maid!

Having a video while advertising a battle has turned out to be critical. No big surprise that the utilization of video in promoting efforts is on the ascent. Graphic Designing companies is necessary  It’s so astonishing to see all the cool and inventive thoughts advertisers have appeared in their crusades. Out of all the stunning advertising efforts which is your most loved pick?

If you want your online marketing campaigns to be viral you surely need to connect with a digital marketing company near you.

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